TYKS Foundation Awarded Record Number of Scholarships for 2023

The Board of the TYKS Foundation awarded a total of EUR 143,880 in scholarships for 2023 (126,800 in 2022). Medical scholarships were awarded to 27 researchers (EUR 97,500 in total), nursing science and health research scholarships to eight researchers (EUR 22,180 in total), and travel scholarships to 13 researchers (EUR 24,200 in total).

“We are delighted to be able to support the high-quality research carried out at the Turku University Hospital and the wellbeing services county of Southwest Finland with a large amount of scholarships in 2023. Funding for research is particularly important also in the new wellbeing services county. Tyks is a university hospital, and our research offers the best way to improve future care,” summarises Docent Mikko Pietilä, Chair of the Board of the TYKS Foundation, Director of Hospital District at TYKS Hospital Services. Pietilä started as the Chair of the Board of the TYKS Foundation in autumn 2022.

The doctoral scholarships awarded by the TYKS Foundation vary between EUR 3,000–5,000. The recipients of medical scholarships represent a wide range of medical fields. Five scholarships were awarded to doctors who defended their dissertations to continue their research: in paediatrics, Turku PET Centre, and Pulmonary Diseases Clinic. D.Med.Sc. Anssi Heino studies the determination of troponin, essential in the diagnosis of myocardial infarction, at Satasairaala in Pori.

Nursing science and health research scholarships were awarded for dissertations in nursing science. For example, the dissertation of Nurse Merja Jutila examines patient safety. She studies the development of incident reports at Vaasa Central Hospital’s joint emergency services.

Travel scholarships were awarded, for instance, for launching a research project in Tanzania (Eeva and Matthjis Feuth) and for researcher and clinic visits to Berlin (MA Akseli Reunamo and Phoniatricians Jonna Kuuskoski and Miia Ruuskanen) and New York (D.Med.Sc., LL.M. Juha Knaapila). Seven researchers received a scholarship for congress participation.

“The TYKS Foundation supports young researchers in particular who are at the very beginning of their research career and work in good research teams. Some begin their doctoral research already at the bachelor’s stage. The Foundation plays an important role in guaranteeing the continuity of research at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Turku,” explains Vice Dean of the Faculty, Professor of Internal Medicine Markus Juonala, a member of the Foundation’s Scholarship Board.

Examples of doctoral research on different stages of life include Niina Viitaharju’s dissertation on the occurrence and prognosis of brain damage caused by birth-related respiratory and oxygen deficiency in Finland. The study is linked to the research team of Docent, Neonatologist Vilhelmiina Parikka. MPH Noora Narsakka’s research focuses in turn on increasing the mobility of elderly people by modifying the environmental factors of 24-hour care. The doctoral candidate in nursing science has published on the subject with Professors Riitta Suhonen and Minna Stolt.

Scholarships for 2024 can be applied for in October 2023.

Further information:

Minna Lukkarinen, Executive Director, tel. +358 40 701 7876, minna.lukkarinen@utu.fi

Mikko Pietilä, Chair of the Board, tel. +358 40 506 7046

Markus Juonala, Member of Scholarship Board, tel. +358 50 478 3572